Vintage Milk Vase

Vintage Milk Vase- Cover

My favorite trend right now is gold.  I see everything in gold these days.  I look at something and figure out how I can add a touch of gold to add it to my decor collection.  My other new obsession is milk vases.  I have been collecting them during my frequent thrifting and I decided to give them the dip-dye treatment by painting the bottom of the vase gold.

Vintage Milk Vase- Close up 1 Vintage Milk Vase- Close up 2

For these vases, I used more of a rose gold.  I gave these the dip-dye look but with spray paint (so no dipping at all, actually).  I taped off and covered the part of the vase that I wanted to keep white and sprayed three coats of gold on the bottom third of the vase.

Vintage Milk Vase- Bowl

I love these vases for accent pieces.  I also love using trays to display accent pieces as well as practical pieces on top of tables, dressers, etc.  To show how you can use these vases as accent pieces, I placed them on a tray with a decorative bowl for jewelry (also a thrift find) as well as a bottle of perfume (Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf- my favorite).  This would be a great way to dress up the top of a dresser or even a bedside table.

DIY Cornice Boards

DIY Cornice Boards- Room ViewA friend of mine built cornice boards for her living room windows and I immediately began mentally scanning the rooms in my house to find a room that could use this style of window treatment! Since I have been working on transitioning the dining room into an office space, it was the perfect room for this project.

DIY Cornice Boards- Room View 2I know anything that involves having boards cut and taking out power tools seems like an aggressive project, but really this one was easy.  And I’m not just saying that so you’ll try it.  One of the reasons that this project was easy is that I had the boards cut at Home Depot! I decided I wanted the boards to go up to the ceiling and be slightly wider than the window.  I also wanted to leave enough room inside the cornice board to place a tension rod for the panels.  I ended up with 43″L x 12″W x 5″D as my measurements. I went to Home Depot and browsed the aisle with the plywood and found the size that would allow me to buy the least amount of pieces in order to meet my measurements.  I decided that the 3/4″ plywood would be best so that the cornice boards wouldn’t be too heavy.

DIY Cornice Boards- Close up bracketsTo assemble the boards, I used two L brackets on each end.  It took less than 10 minutes per board to drill pilot holes and screw in the screws!

DIY Cornice Boards- Assembled

DIY Cornice Boards- Attaching fabricOnce the boards were assembled, I measured and cut my batting and fabric.  I went to Jo-Ann Fabric to look for fabric and they were having a 50% off sale so I was able to get what I needed for $20!

DIY Cornice Boards- Attaching fabric with clips

Once the batting and fabric was cut to size, I attached it to the cornice boards using clips so that the batting and fabric would stay in place while I was stapling. This was a huge help because otherwise, the fabric would have shifted and could have caused the pattern to be off.  I should add that I paid particular attention to how the pattern lined up on the board.  Since I chose a big pattern, I wanted to make sure it lined up in a way that didn’t cut it off in a weird place.  So I measured the center of the board so that I could place the center of the pattern on the center of the board.  To attach the batting and fabric, I could’ve used my regular, not so great staple gun.  That probably would have involved using my body weight to provide the kind of force that my staple gun would have needed to get through the fabric, batting, and board (ok maybe I just have a really terrible staple gun).  But instead, I borrowed my friend’s upholstery gun and WOW! There is no turning back once you’ve used that thing! I don’t think I could use a staple gun for something like this ever again! I had everything stapled in place in under 10 minutes! It was amazing! Finally, I attached the boards to the wall using corner L brackets.  So, so easy.

DIY Cornice Boards- Close up

I love how the cornice boards draw you into this room! I decided on sheer panels (which I don’t ever typically use) because I wanted the room to have a more feminine, glam feel.  I can’t get over how easy these were and how much I love the look!


DIY Floating Shelf


DIY Floating Shelf Cover

I love the look of a floating shelf.  No distractions from brackets or any other sort of apparatus to hold the shelf in place.  And I love Ikea for making them so readily available and easy to install!  But, Ikea couldn’t help me for a particular spot that needed a shelf that was just the right size so that it fit perfectly between two walls.  I knew I could easily go to Home Depot (where I frequent so very often) and get a shelf cut to the size I needed.  The trick was getting it to “float”.  I browsed the aisles and found eye hooks that I knew I could use to support the shelf between the two walls.

DIY Floating Shelf Close up (2)

DIY Floating Shelf Close up

I had a piece of white particleboard cut to the specific width I needed for the space.  Since the depth of the shelf was only about 3/4 inch, it lacked the appeal of your typical floating shelf like these floating shelves from Ikea in the dining room.  To give the shelf the illusion of more depth, I cut a piece of moulding to the same exact width of the shelf.  I used liquid nails to adhere the moulding to the board.

DIY Floating Shelf Eye Hook DIY Floating Shelf Eye Hook (2)

Then, to hang the shelf, I measured up from floor to determine where to screw in the hooks to ensure the shelf would be level.  I drilled pilot holes and then just screwed in the hooks created a flat surface to support the shelf and just placed the shelf on top of the eye hooks.  The cost for the materials was less than $20 and it took me less than an hour to complete.  This works well in any bathroom that has the toilet positioned between two walls like it is in this space.  It creates storage and another spot to decorate!


Candle Facelift

Candle Facelift- CoverSimple, quick, inexpensive décor- here it is. I needed some coffee table décor for my formal living room and I had a tin or glass candle in mind. Here’s the thing: I love how candles look but I don’t often burn candles. And since this space is not one I spend much (actually, any) time in, I knew I probably would never burn a candle in this room anyway. I was also looking for a way to add to decor to the space for little cost.

Candle Facelift- BeforeI had a couple of old Glade candles that I was about to toss. They were the ones that you get from the supermarket or Wal-Mart / Target and they serve no aesthetic purpose whatsoever. I must have bought them to mask some smell, in some room, at some point. Because the candles are in a glass jar, I figured I could just spray the jar to give it a more appealing (pretty) look. Candle Facelift- With StickersUsing the same technique I used for dressing up this jar for hot chocolate, I gave this candle a facelift. The candle itself is less than $5 and with a little gold spray paint and some Avery stickers, you got yourself a new piece of décor. Candle Facelift- Close up Candle Facelift- Room View

So Long, South Carolina!

So Long, SC- CoverI’ve anxiously awaited this day for, well four years. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my time here in South Carolina, but my heart has always been at home in Massachusetts. We moved here for a position with my former company and knew that it would be a temporary stay until the time was right to move back home. That was always the plan. Of course, plans change and sometimes you just have to wait. Well, we waited and even though, at times, it seemed we would never get back to MA, we are finally coming home. Scott was offered a position that will allow us to move back to Boston where we will be near our friends and family again.

My family has asked me what I will miss about South Carolina and the greater Charlotte area where we have lived since 2010. It’s hard to answer. I have so badly wanted to get back to MA that I haven’t taken the opportunity to consider what I will be missing when we leave. I’m sure when I am back in the routine of life in Boston, I will recall those things that I have taken for granted here because at the end of the day, they couldn’t make up for or replace what I was missing about home. But, now that I reflect on it, these are the things I will miss the most…

  • Friendly people: In general, people are just more friendly in the South. Especially supermarket employees. They are a category of people that are just incredibly friendly! If you’re in the South and you’re having a bad day, pop into a Publix or Harris Teeter. They will greet you, ask you how you’re doing, ask you what you need, and then walk you to your car. It’s amazing.
  • Sunny days: I never realized how grey it could be in MA during the winter months until I moved away. South Carolina is often a very sunny place.
  • Square footage: Oh square footage, how I will miss you! I know I can find you in MA but you come with a much bigger price tag.
  • Charleston in 3 hours: We have made so many weekend trips to Charleston over the years. It is one of our favorite cities. It has to be one of the best cities when it comes to the culinary scene. One time, Scott and I went to four restaurants in one day because we were trying to pack in as many of the great restaurants as we could! And I love the architecture of this city. I think I have taken the carriage tour in Charleston close to eight times at this point so I can see as much as possible. It’s different every time! We already have a vacation planned in Charleston this August with both of our families.
  • Clips on gas pumps: Yeah, Massachusetts there is such a thing. Do you know there is a clip that exists which allows you to pump gas, hands free, so that you can sit in the warmth of your car? Why is that such a privilege and one that is denied in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?!
  • Friends: We made some great friends here that we will cherish for a lifetime. They give us a reason to come back here to visit.

And here’s what I will look forward to moving back…

  • Family: I just miss them, plain and simple.
  • Holidays at home: Not having to plan, pack, and pay for a trip back home in order to spend my favorite time of year with my family, really is priceless.
  • Sense of urgency: While I don’t want to be rushed on my way, I do appreciate those getting my coffee to exercise at least a slight sense of urgency. That doesn’t exist in the south. And that’s ok. But personally, I just want my coffee, or any store transaction for that matter, to happen just a little more quickly than it does in the South.
  • No sales tax on clothes: Unlike the 8.25% sales tax that I have been enduring on all clothes purchases these past four years, there is no sales tax on clothes in Massachusetts. All is right in the world again.
  • The beach: People in Charlotte will say, “Oh and you can get to the beach in just 2.5 hours from here!” I need to be 10 minutes from the beach so it’s there when I need it. Thanks south coast Massachusetts.
  • Friends: Many of my friends and family are at the point in their lives where they are starting a family and it will just be so wonderful to share that experience with them.

Bennett- Moving to MA{How great is this shirt?!}

So although I am looking forward to this next chapter in our lives, I will look back at this recent chapter as one that was filled with so many life experiences. Living away from home and immersed in southern culture, has definitely taught me so very much and I will be grateful for my time here. This is where Bennett was born. This house will always be Bennett’s first home. I know we leave this and face a little bit of a disheveled lifestyle until we settle into our next home and routine. And for that, I will miss the comfort this home has provided us. So, I am ready to start fresh with this blog and create new material in a place where I have always felt we belong.


Bennett’s Nursery

Nursery- Deer Frame Cover Nursery- Room Full ViewI’m so excited to finally be able to post again and to post about Bennett’s nursery.  I’d be lying if I said I had it all done and everything in place by the time he was born.  That was not the case.  I didn’t rush to finish his nursery because I never have styled a room with any sort of timeline before.  Instead, I have put rooms together piece by piece as I come across things that inspire me and fit into the decor.  Nurseries in general, kind of pose an exception to this rule since you begin creating a room with the intention of it being ready in time for the baby’s arrival.  Plus, with our plans to have Bennett sleep in our room once he was born, I knew we’d initially have limited use for his room anyway.

During my pregnancy, so many people asked me what the “theme” of his nursery would be.  The style and plan I had in mind, couldn’t be categorized by a theme so I was always left without a clear explanation of what the room would be.  I had decided the room would be grey and yellow- that was my plan for the color scheme whether we were having a boy or girl.  Once I painted the walls and picked out the furniture, I realized I needed to “boy” it up a little more.

Nursery- Crib Wall Nursery- Crib Wall 2Many of the rooms that I have decorated have been inspired by one piece that I built a room around.  I found this cardboard deer head this summer and knew I wanted it to be focal point in the room.  I spray painted it white but couldn’t figure out exactly where to place it.  I knew it was too small to be a focal point.  I also knew I wanted big frames with over-sized mattes to hang pictures of Bennett.  That’s when I decided that I would use an empty frame to “frame” the deer head.  I picked up a framed picture at the Good Will for $8, removed just the frame, spray painted it gold, and it was the perfect frame for the deer head.  It is definitely my favorite spot in the room.

I love a soft look, but I wanted there to be textures and colors that were slightly more rugged.  With this in mind, I wanted to really mix textures and prints.  To compliment the soft white in the crib and bureau, I chose accents that incorporated wood, metal, banana fibers, leather, and burlap throughout the room.  When it came to the bedding, I knew I wouldn’t want a “set”.  For some reason, I have never been a fan of anything that is too matchy-matchy (official term, right?).  Before I had even come across a crib sheet that I liked, I got a yellow chevron one at my shower which was perfect.  With that, I decided to incorporate other prints throughout the room like the gingham crib skirt and ikat throw pillow.  I knew I didn’t want a bumper since it is not recommended due to SIDs risk and along with that, I didn’t plan to add much of anything to the crib.  But while he was not sleeping in the crib, I loved the idea of a lumbar pillow so I thought this natural colored pillow along with this flokati blanket (used as a rug for his monthly pictures) was a nice look against the busy patterns of the chevron and gingham.

Nursery- Branch Wall Nursery- Branch 1 Nursery- Branch 2 Close upMy second favorite spot in his room is this hanging branch.  It was an act of fate that I found a fallen branch hanging out of the trash in our garage that my husband had picked up from the lawn.  I wanted to somehow use it in the room and let me tell you, it was no easy task to get this looking right!  First I had to saw the branch to the right size and sand it down (cut to me, barefoot and pregnant in the garage working on this project last summer)! I had a hard time finding the right size hangers that fit the space and the look.  I even went so far as to ask a Gap employee if I could buy some baby Gap hangers from the store.  After he looked at me like I was crazy, he said no.  So instead, I had these wooden hangers from Ikea which were perfect with the exception of a metal piece on either end that made the hanger too wide.  Luckily, my dad was in town so along with helping me hang the branch, he solved my hanger conundrum by pulling out the metal pieces at the end, leaving me with the perfect size baby hangers.  I decided to hang some sentimental pieces from the branch: a onesie a friend sent for Bennett that has a picture of the state of MA and says “Makes Me Happy”, the outfit he wore home from the hospital, and a hand knit sweater from a family friend.  After all the work, I am so happy with how this area turned out.

The award for “best accessory” in the room goes to the white leather Moroccan pouf.  I saw one from Serena & Lily and fell in LOVE with it.  But, it was $450! I’ll pass.  Not to mention, I pride myself on finding pricey looks for way less money.  That’s when a friend mentioned I should check Amazon to see if they have something similar.  I don’t know why but up until recently, I never think to use Amazon!  Well I checked Amazon and found a white leather Moroccan pouf for $125! It is the perfect size for the space and I love (repeat, LOVE) how it looks with the rocker.

Nursery- Shelving Unit

Nursery- Books and suitcase Nursery- Little Boys Frame Nursery- Girraffe Nursery- Jacks Nursery- Blue shelf Nursery- Where the Wild Things Are

Nursery- Little Boy Blue and BooksAll summer long I continued to pick up pieces that were fitting for the room.  I had my mind set on finding a yellow, vintage suitcase to use in the room.  With it being unfortunately so specific, it was impossible to find.  And I looked everywhere.  I came across one at a thrift store outside Charlotte for just $9!  It was blue but I didn’t care!  With a lot of taping to protect the gold buckles and hinges, I spray painted the suitcase and got this thing looking exactly how I wanted it.  I also came across this figurine of a mom and baby giraffe at the same thrift store and was totally drawn to it and knew it needed a place in the nursery.  I knew I wanted framed art of some sort and decided to look through children’s books for inspiration.  I came across a really old copy of one of those Golden Books…. remember those? They’re the ones that had a gold binding and cartoon characters on the back cover.  It was a book of classic nursery rhymes and I cut out and framed the stories about little boys.

Nursery- Changing Table Wall Nursery- Changing Station 1 Nursery- Changing Station 2 Nursery- Shadow Box Nursery- B FrameFor a changing table, I decided to use an Ikea bureau with a changing pad on top.  I used an Ikea trash can for his hamper (it’s way too pretty to be a trash can anyway). I had bought a shadow box to hang in the room, but couldn’t decide what to put in it.  I wanted it to be something meaningful, like a keepsake, but I was coming up empty handed.  Finally, I thought of displaying pictures of Scott and I as babies and then adding a picture of Bennett.  I think I am closer to toddler age in my picture.  As child #3, the baby pictures are few and far between of my early years so this one had to do the trick.  As the center of this wall, I created art using a block letter that I covered in a yellow gingham print against a grey chevron background.  And to balance the whole look, I created art again by printing and framing the meaning of Bennett’s name.  Although we had already decided for sure that we wanted to name our son Bennett, when we learned that the meaning of his name was “little blessed one”, it really sealed the deal for us.

Nursery- Paintings Nursery- Toy Box Nursery- Blanket from GrandmaIn addition to the pieces that I came across while putting together Bennett’s nursery, we also received such great hand made things from family.  Scott’s mom made these paintings for Bennett and they worked perfectly on the wall by the window. Scott’s dad made this amazing toy box which is such a wonderful, useful keepsake that Bennett will use for years to come.  And finally, my grandmother made this adorable quilt for Bennett.  I still have the quilt that she made for me as a child as well as a throw my other grandmother made for me. These handmade things make for such amazing and meaningful keepsakes from family.

There are still some areas that I want to work on or change.  I made the light fixture to replace the dome light in the room.  I love how this fixture looks in the room at night because it creates stripes across the walls and ceiling which looks really cool.  I’d like to cover the light bulbs so that it doesn’t look like the dome is missing.  I also would like some new curtains.  These were the curtains we had in the room when it was Scott’s office and they are just a solid grey.  I am thinking white panel curtains with yellow pom-poms along the inside seam.

This room puts a smile on my face each time I pass it.  Aside from it being just the look I wanted, it’s Bennett’s room and he is all the reason I need to smile.

DIY Holiday Wreath

DIY Holiday Wreath- CoverI have had an empty spot in my family room that has been driving me crazy.  The spot was formerly occupied by a big letter “C” which you can see in this post about this particular wall in my house.  The “C” has since fallen to its’ death as a result of….who knows what.  Really.  Nothing caused this fall at all.  It just fell right off the picture ledge and broke into pieces.  I call it decor suicide.  I attempted to glue it back together but the C plummeted to its’ death for a second time and there’s just no putting humpty dumpty back together this time.  Since it is the holidays, I decided to fill the space with something festive.  I was hustling through Wal-Mart one day this week trying to get the two things I needed which of course, were on opposite ends of the store.  As I was weaving through the aisles as if in a game of Pac-Man, I came across a straw wreath.  It was $2.47 so I didn’t stop to think much about how I would dress it up, I just grabbed it and continued to my destination.  Next to the 10 items or less check out aisle (which I used legally on this occasion), are the fresh flowers.  I saw that they had Christmas tree clippings in the flower bins so I picked that up to decorate the wreath.  And evidently these clippings were free so this was turning out to be a really cheap DIY project!

DIY Holiday Wreath- Straw WreathDIY Holiday Wreath- Tree ClippingsThe straw wreath was a bit messy to work with but for $2.47, I didn’t mind having to take out the broom.  The wreath was bound by what looked like fishing twine.  I cut pieces of the tree clippings and layered them around the wreath, tucking the branches into the fishing twine.

DIY Holiday Wreath- RibbonI then went through the ribbon drawer of my craft supply bureau (yes, this exists) and found this gold ribbon that I have used for gift wrapping.  I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath which also helped to keep the tree clippings in place.  In places where I felt the clippings needed more security I attached the pieces using, ready for this….a stapler.  Simple as that.

DIY Holiday Wreath- BowThen, in the spirit of re-purposing materials I already had (resourceful is my middle name), I used this ivory ribbon I had just received via the most beautifully wrapped gift I’ve ever seen which was sent to us by my good friend Leigh from Red Envelope.  This was the most difficult part of this otherwise quick and easy DIY project…. tying a bow.  I had no idea making a bow was so difficult.  I really felt like a kid learning how to tie my shoes.  I even tried the “bunny ears” method to get it just right.  I guess my crafting skills are a little rusty.

DIY Holiday Wreath- Christmas CornerDIY Holiday Wreath- Christmas Corner Up CloseAnd here it is…. proudly displayed in what I call the “Christmas Corner” which is not a corner at all!  I decided to display our Christmas cards on this wall by hanging them from some twine which I attached to the picture ledges.  I used some clothes pins to attach the cards to the twine which worked out perfectly.  This wreath was oh SO easy to put together.  You could even trim your own Christmas tree to be even more resourceful with this project!

Homemade Gift: Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub- CoverI think we can all credit Pinterest for a recent surge in everyone’s creativity and DIY capabilities.  The confidence it has brought to many people, including myself, to create out of visual inspiration is pretty amazing.  My family decided that we would gift each other homemade gifts for Christmas this year.  So, of course, I assumed everyone would be finding their gifting projects on Pinterest.  You can imagine my surprise when my brother told me that he came up with the idea for his gift on his own.  What? Pinterest was not involved at all? Let’s just say I’m impressed. We’ll just have to see how his genuine creativity pans out.

I came across this homemade gift idea on none other than Pinterest.  Visually, it is a perfect gift for the holidays with its peppermint appearance and scent.  It also makes a great gift because it encourages the recipient to spend a little time pampering themselves after the busy holiday season.  This gift is so easy to put together and would be great to gift along with a nice candle to create a serene bath setting!


  • Glass bottle with lid
  • ½ cup of coconut oil
  • 2 cups of white sugar
  • Peppermint essential oil (a few drops)
  • Red food coloring (a few drops)

I used the glass bottles from the Target Archer Farms brand coffee drink, which I also used in this post (of course, after thoroughly washing).  To make this homemade gift, start by combining the sugar and the coconut oil to form your scrub.  If it seems like the mixture is too dry, add a little more coconut oil until all of the sugar is well combined with the oil.  Add the peppermint oil.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub- BowlsNext, divide the sugar mixture in half in two separate bowls.  In one bowl, add about 3 drops of red food coloring (or as many drops as you’d like to get to the pinkish-red candy cane color you like).  I found that a little food coloring goes a long way so start out slowly!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub- FunnelCreate a funnel out of a piece of computer paper.  I first tried using a funnel I had, but I found the paper was much easier since the scrub slips easily through the paper funnel, especially when you lift and shake the bottom of the funnel to get it all through and into the bottle.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub- UtensilOnce you have enough scrub in the bottle, use whatever utensil works best with your bottle to pat down the layer.  I didn’t measure the amount of scrub to pour in for each layer- I just eye-balled it! Alternate between the white sugar scrub and the pink sugar scrub, patting down each layer as you go.  I used the printable label from the website where I found this idea which you can find here (thank you to The Idea Room)!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub- LidTo keep the whole thing color coordinated and festive, I spray painted the lid of the bottle white. (Where would I be without spray painting?!)  I also used some pink and white striped scrapbook paper to add some color to the top of the lid.

Thank you Pinterest for your endless DIY inspirations that provide me with creative gifting that I can claim to be my own and take all of the credit for!

Super Moist Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread- CoverIn the south, we have to wait a little bit longer (actually too long) to finally get some fall weather.  But whenever it finally rolls around, I am ready for some fall baking.  And nothing is more synonymous with fall than pumpkin.  I’ll take pumpkin in all forms…. pumpkin candle, pumpkin car freshener, pumpkin coffee, and of course pumpkin bread.  I’ll be honest, I actually first made this pumpkin bread recipe a few weeks ago once the temperature had FINALLY dipped below 80 degrees.  Unfortunately, my husband and I enjoyed it so much that we ate through the entire loaf like animals before I ever got a change to take some pictures.  We are totally the type that first of all, have no discipline when it comes to food in front of us and second of all, make no attempts to instill discipline by NOT keeping the loaf right on top of the counter with the knife right on top. (Who am I kidding, we barely use the knife.  It’s just the two of us so we just go for it)!  We were ready for our second round, so I made it again this weekend.

Pumpkin Bread- LoafPumpkin Bread- Close upWhen I decided to make pumpkin bread, I came across this recipe because it had me at MOIST.  No one wants dry pumpkin bread.  Here are the changes I made to this recipe:

  • I added semi-sweet chocolate chips (about 1/4 – 1/2 cup).  The more chocolate you add, the more moist the bread becomes.
  • I also added chopped pecans (about 1/4 – 1/2 cup).
  • I baked the bread for about 55 minutes rather than 45 minutes.  You can judge if you need to bake your bread longer by the toothpick test.

Whether you eat this for breakfast or just whenever you pass by it in the kitchen, it is the perfect fall indulgence!

Festive Halloween Drinks

Festive Halloween Drinks- CoverHalloween is hands-down the funnest holiday when it comes to decorating.  Since it serves as a fun holiday, there is nothing that needs to be taken seriously which means decorations should be as outrageous and creative as possible.  And for this reason, there is nothing better than putting together a Halloween party!  I decided to create fun drink decor for Halloween.  I found jack-o-lantern decals at Target (I just love Target and their relentless love and support of all things holiday fun).  I also found these black and white striped paper straws at Target.  Instead of using the decals on a regular glass, I decided I wanted more of a milk bottle type of glass.

Festive Halloween Drinks- Bottle Pack Festive Halloween Drinks- Bottle BeforeThe Target brand, Archer Farms, has their own bottled coffee drinks like the ones that Starbucks sells (I love Target, but I swear I’m not getting paid to promote all these Target products…at this time).  I don’t actually drink these drinks, but I love the bottles!  They make for a great alternative to milk bottles especially because at $4.99 for a 4-pack, that brings each bottle to about $1.25 each!  I emptied and cleaned out each bottle and once they were dry, I applied the jack-o-lantern decal.

Festive Halloween Drinks- 4 Festive Halloween Drinks- 3 Festive Halloween Drinks- 2 Festive Halloween Drinks- 1The decals were easy to apply and they’re removable so you can re-purpose the bottles for non-Halloween occasions.  You can fill the glass with any orange colored beverage, depending on your crowd, for the traditional jack-o-lantern look.  I used a mango juice which is kid friendly but you could also do a mango mimosa cocktail for adult parties.  Halloween totally makes me feel like a kid again and I for one, will be drinking out of these glasses for the rest of October!

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